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Hala Tuai (Old Path); 1980, Oil on Canvas on board, 120 x 80 cm

Artist's Statement

This  is one of about six medium to large paintings I did in this style in Niue between 1979 and 1981. They were a reflection of my interest in surrealism, realism and Henri  Rousseau with his eye for botanical detail something I was fascinated with having been plunged into a tropical environment at an impressionable age. I guess at the time I was searching for some kind of synthesis of these styles and the newness of the details of my surroundings was a delight to me and therefore a pleasure to paint albeit in a rather naive way.

Selling  a few of these paintings in Niue allowed me to explore further but in terms of my history, they are stuck in some kind of commercial time warp as they have never been bought or sold since then.  And so it is with this particular work I find myself without a precedent to quantify a value of it except to say that these works  were an important transition between juvenilia and the more coherent journey I eventually took into being  a full time practitioner.  With this in mind, they should be seen as a completely different entity to the works I have become known for in subsequent years.

This painting has remained in Niue since it was created in 1980 and I look back now in gratitude to several friends who generously supported my attempts back then, to move from the more pragmatic vocation of engineer into this new and unknown existence. Some have died along the way but the owner of this work is passing through the inevitable period of life when we start to pass on our life's accumulations. It is also a time when pensions do not buy what they used to and medical costs become inevitably more expensive and so it is with the owner of this particularly good example of  this series of work.

So as I say, there are absolutely no precedents for the sale of these works and therefore we have decided to throw caution to the wind and start at a very low $1000 for the bidding on this painting. The vendor appreciates the many years of enjoyment he has had from the painting but at the same time, a fork in his life's path has come and generous bidding will also be most appreciated. I would also love nothing better than to pay back the generosity that he showed me so many years ago by trying to realise a good return for him for this painting of nebulous value.

This painting will also be presented at a physical auction at our Tahiono Gallery in Niue  at 6pm, this Friday evening May 6th (5pm, Saturday 7th NZ time).  If there are online bids for the work, the physical auction will not be concluded until a final bid is achieved and this will be done through our online auction portal and through email alerts to the bidders.

Thank you and please bid generously.



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Current highest bid: NZ$ 1,700.00 made on 8/05/2016 6:21 a.m. by Possum

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